Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) is a balance, stability, and fall risk assessment that quantifies a person’s ability to maintain balance by measuring their postural sway movements captured by computer software while the person stands on hard and soft surface balance platforms.

Posture and balance are important in everyday activities, as well as sports activities.  Increased postural sway is a strong indicator of poor balance and a leading cause of falls. 

If a balance problem is identified, balance training may reduce the person’s fall risk.

Your Balance, Stability, and Fall Risk Assessment…

  • Takes ONLY about 15 minutes

  • Consists of 5 simple tests

  • Includes results interpretation


Some examples of who may benefit from this assessment are…

  • Individuals at risk for falling due to age or chronic disease, or individuals desiring proactive screening for balance disorders

  • Individuals desiring localized detection for suggested strength and balance training for lower extremities

  • Individuals whose job puts them at high risk for falling.  Falls at work are the 2nd most common reason for workers comp claims.